Thursday, January 30, 2014

SWEET LINKY! Happy Valentine's Day Friends!

How SWEET!  Thank you for visiting my .... newly decorated ... Apple Tree Learning blog.  
I am so excited for you to enter the link for your sweet product!  Entries are for Valentine's Day Literacy and Math lessons, activities, centers, and good ole' learning FUN!  Your link entries may be free or paid products.  

Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day!
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Just to share with you, here is one of my favorite SWEET Valentine's Day activities from my Happy Valentine's Day Kit for Reading, Writing & Math.

Included in the kit is an adorable Conversation Heart sorter for students to sort the different color candy hearts and count how many of each color.  After the conversation hearts are sorted and counted, the data is added to the above Conversation Heart Graph.
If your students need additional practice with phonemic awareness, especially rhyming, the above activity might just be perfect for you and your students!  Students match sweet little heart shaped flowers to the appropriate rhyming flower.  I also included a blank sheet if you would like to create your own rhyming flower cards.  
Your students will love the 
My Valentine's Day Book 
that they can's all about them, what they LOVE, and getting some additional writing practice!  Parents will also be thrilled with this little book and enjoy keeping it as a keep sake for many years to come. 
The Word & Sentence Order Activity
is a great practice for students to focus on sentence order, word order, and when to correctly use capitalization and punctuation correctly, etc.  This strategy is one that Reading Recovery uses and I have had great results with using this strategy with my students over the years. 
There are 171 pages of FUN in this Happy Valentine's Day Kit!  Most of the activities are included in color and in black and white for your printing convenience.  Thank you for taking a moment to look at my favorite Valentine's Day products.  
Now, I would LOVE to see your favorite Valentine's Day Literacy & Math activities, centers, lessons, and FUN!
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