Thursday, January 9, 2014

Your TESTING Fortune!

Hello friends!  Well, I would definitely rather be eating a steaming bowl of mooshoo pork and sipping on a little hot and sour soup.... rather than stressing out about upcoming assessments, but....teachers....that is our life.  That is our life.  

Along with our testing is know it....
YOU KNOW HOW BADLY WE TEACHERS ARE STRESSED OUT!  So, you can just imagine how badly our kiddos feel.

We need to remind our students that we just need to take a step back, expel the breath we're refusing to let go of, and focus on doing our VERY BEST!  

Here are a few of my favorite STRESS BUSTERS.

Don't be a night owl.  Go to bed early the night before the big test, or at least on time.

Feed your noodle.  The morning of the test, eat a healthy breakfast.....FRUIT IS BRAIN FOOD! EAT SOME!

Arrive on time!  Rushing around in the morning makes teachers and students very crazy....
Stay focused, but remain relaxed.  I KNOW.  I KNOW.  It sounds impossible, but you can do it.  Keep your brain on the test, but don't clench up.  

Take a BRAIN BREAK when you need it. This goes right along with staying relaxed and not clenching your muscles (...even that brain muscle)....  Take a deep breath and give those poor little noggins a rest.

Stay comfy!  Remind your kids to bring a sweater, sweatshirt, or hoodie with them on the big day.  Dress in layers. Some people get hot when they are anxious or worry, other people get cold and even shiver when they are stressed.  

Stay loose!  Be mindful of the way you are sitting in the chairs or at the desks.  If you are slouching or hunched over the desk, you might begin to feel sore.

Let it go!  EVERYONE IS GOING TO FEEL SOME STRESS WHEN TAKING A TEST! Just know it's going to happen. This is hard for kids....sometimes even harder on teachers.  Why are we so hard on ourselves anyway?

Pace yourself ~ but, DON'T RUSH. Your students will feel more confident with this if you model it for them and show them how it's done.  :)

Don't let the toe tapping bring you down. You know what this means guys.  Don't get sucked in and get distracted by any of the pencil tappers or booger eaters. Really.

If you don't use it ~ you'll lose it.  Use ALL of your time.  Take your time .... look over your answers .... use the strategies that help you the most ....

Don't get stumped.  Your kiddos are going to come across questions that they don't know.  If you absolutely still don't know the answer after you have exhausted EVERY STRATEGY KNOWN TO MAN, let it go.  Choose the answer that you believe makes the most sense and move on. Don't get stuck on a question that you WILL NEVER KNOW THE ANSWER TO.....
Last and most important, go have an adult beverage.  Your job here is done. For today. {Oh, and yea, adults only on those special kiddos.}
What stress busting strategies work best for you and the students in your class?  I would love to hear from you.