Monday, March 17, 2014

Getting Ready for Guided Reading - Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Make Your Life Easier!

Are you just starting out or need to revamp your GUIDED READING?  

Here is a valuable list of blog posts that will assist you in planning, strategizing, organizing, or implementing guided reading in your classroom.  

Below you will find great pictures, articles, and suggestions for making your teaching life easier!

Ideas for Guided Reading

Guided Reading made easy -
A Day in First Grade by Kristen

The Next Step in Guided Reading, book study -
Fun in First by Jodi

Tips from my teacher days:  getting started with reading -
Lemon Lime Adventures by Dayna

Guided Reading mini-lessons -
What the Teacher Wants by Natalie

Guided Reading Toolbox Linky
Teacher by the Beach

Bright ideas - Guided Reading tips -
All Students Can Shine

Throwback Thursday - Guided Reading -
The Bubbly Blonde by Alisha

Getting started:  the first 20 days of independent reading -
Balanced Literacy (printable pdf)

Get more out of Guided Reading -
Apple Tree Learning by Jen 

Guided Reading Tips

What questions, comments or advice do you have about GUIDED READING?  I  would love to hear from you!