Friday, October 12, 2012

Question Stems...Huh????

Model!  Model!  Model!  There is no better way to introduce the metacognative "Thinking Stems" than to Model!  Model!  Model!  Ok...why is Marsha Brady coming to mind? 

For some kiddos, thinking about their thinking.... metacognition...., just comes very naturally.  For others, not so much!  It works best if teachers explicitly model and think aloud how they use the Metacognitive Thinking Stems.  Students need modeling, mini-lessons, guided practice, and lots of time to practice thinking

When students understand how to be reflective readers, their understanding and comprehension goes through the roof!  Along with improved comprehension comes an improved self-confidence.  What a wonderful cycle!!!  :)

Oh yea.....don't forget the conversations!  Kids learn better when they are able to discuss their thinking with someone else.  "Turn and Talk" to your neighbor is one of my favorite strategies for discussing thoughts with classmates.  

Jen :)