Friday, February 28, 2014

Dr. Seuss was Good at Being Bad! ~Teachers ONLY~

Did you know that Dr. Seuss was a little bit of a bad boy?

Dr. Seuss.....  

  • Invented the word NERD
  • Came up with the name Dr. Seuss while drinking gin
  • Was fired as editor of Dartmouth's College's humor magazine, The Jack-o-Lantern

You know, I've always kind of imagined that Dr. Seuss was more like Mr. Rogers than a bad boy! I think Dr. Seuss and I would have been friends in college!  

I will share my new Dr. Seuss FREEBIE before sharing any more Seuss bad boy info with you.  

 Dr. Seuss Reader's Theater
Reader's Theater - Green Eggs and Ham Inspired by:  Dr. Suess
I would love to share my FREE Green Eggs and Ham Reader's Theater Book.  The Reader's Theater, Green Eggs and Ham, is a mini-book.  

There is just something about a little book that kids LOVE! 

Please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store: Apple Tree Learning to get your FREE copy. Here are a few of the pages that you will find inside the Reader's Theater booklet.  

 Dr. Seuss FREEBIE
Green Eggs and Ham Reader's Theater


Green Eggs and Ham is a great book for working on rhyming, phonemic awareness, fluency, accuracy and comprehension.

Here are the links for you to read more funny bad boy facts about Dr. Seuss:

I'm looking for more fun facts about Dr. Seuss. LOL!

Any more bad boy info on Dr. Seuss?