Thursday, February 27, 2014

Education Discussion Forums and Chat Groups for Teachers

List and Links to Educational Discussion Forums and Chat Groups for Teachers:
Discussion Forums for Teachers

I just hate it when I am desperately looking for an answer to an educational question and I come up empty handed. 

Sometimes we forget that teachers are amazing sources of information. Reaching out to our fellow teachers for guidance and then helping other teachers in return is good karma for all of us! 

Below are a few of my favorite teacher discussion boards and chat groups that I go to for advice when I am stumped! ...especially when I am looking for feedback and help with organizing.

  1. The Teacher's Corner
  2. ProTeacher
  3. ESL Cafe
  4. Texas Teachers Net
  5. Ed Week
  6. Collaborate iLearn
  7. Heinemann Topics Forum
  8. Primary Resource Center
  9. World Forum Foundation
  10. A to Z Teacher Stuff

Do you have a particular educational message board that is helpful to you?  I would love to add to our list.

Jen :)