Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Top 9 Reasons that GUIDED READING Really Works

Are your students making progress in READING as fast as you would like them to be making?

Guided Reading

  • Research shows that Guided Reading makes a difference on the quantity and the quality of your student's growth in literacy.

Here are the top 9 reasons that GUIDED READING really works!

1.  All teaching in guided reading lessons has the ultimate goal of teaching reading comprehension.

2.  In guided reading lessons, the teacher provides a sequence of high-quality, engaging texts that support individual progress on a scale of text difficulty.

3.  Guided reading lessons increase the quantity of independent reading that students do.

4.Guided reading lessons provide explicit instruction in fluency.

5.  Guiding reading lessons provide daily opportunities to expand vocabulary through reading, conversation, and explicit instruction.

6.  Guided reading lessons include teaching that expands students’ ability to apply phonemic awareness and phonics understandings to the processing of print.

7.  Guided reading lessons provide the opportunity for students to write about reading.

8.  Guided reading lessons create engagement in and motivation for reading!

9.  Because Fountas & Pinnell say so!

Guided Reading, Why it really works.

This information was taken from the research done by Fountas & Pinnell, the founders and leaders in GUIDED READING.  They have literally done tons of research on literacy development and guided reading.  

What I love about Guided Reading is that you can use it for:

  • students that are struggling
  • students that are on level
  • students that are above level, to push them even higher

Do you have a reason that should be added to the list of REASONS THAT GUIDED READING REALLY WORKS?