Sunday, February 23, 2014

FREE Book Frenzy is Born - Fairy Tale Ebooks

I think teachers are the only people in the whole world that actually steal office supplies, furniture, and their own children's belongings and bring them to the office!

  • Teachers LOVE free books

  • Kids need to read more books

I am always looking for free books for my students to read.  I have found that kids really respond to digital books...sometimes even better than a "book in your hand" book.  

I personally believe that nothing takes the place of the way a real book feels or smells .... but, that's just me.  However, ebooks are easier for us to get our hands on and easier to store.  

I am going to be finding FREE books to use in the classroom and I will be organizing them by genre.  FREE BOOK FRENZY is born. 

FREE Fairy Tale Ebooks

 Fairy Tale - Little Bad Wolf

FREE copy of Little Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood, Newfangled Fairy Tales by Timothy Tocher

 Grimm's Fairy Tales

FREE Copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm

 Hans Christian Andersen

FREE copy of Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen by H.C. Hans Christian Andersen

Fairy Tale

FREE copy of The Girl Who Wanted to be a Princess, Newfangled Fairy Tales by Bruce Lansky

 Japanese Fairy Tales

FREE Copy of Japanese Fairy Tales by Yei Theodora Ozaki

FREE copy of Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know  by Hamilton Wright Mabie

These ebooks are Kindle ebooks, but you can use a Kindle app on ipad or iphone and still enjoy the books with your kiddos!

Do you have any good websites or resources that FREE books for students?