Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why Teaching Your Students CAUSE & EFFECT is Important!

Cause and Effect is an Important Skill to Use with Every Academic Discipline


  • encourages critical reading
  • inspires writing with indepth plots and characters that come alive
  • helps to make sense of regrouping
  • shows a relationship between historical events in reaction to one another
  • understanding the scientific method

Although we use cause & effect with every academic discipline area, teaching cause & effect can be daunting.  

One of the most simple ways to introduce or review cause & effect is to use the following T-Chart:

You can begin by having students read sentences and inserting the words "because" and "so" into the sentences.

Here is a simple example:  

  • CAUSE:  I watched a scary movie.
  • EFFECT:  I couldn't sleep last night.
  • Add the sentences to the chart.

You would read it aloud:  

  • I watched a scary movie, so I couldn't sleep last night.
  • Because I watched a scary movie, I couldn't sleep last night.

 What happens because of the cause.  The reason for an action.  

We all know that kids thrive on learning through and playing with technology!

I LOVE THIS ACTIVITY!  It is a fun-loving parody of Twitter... TWEETER.  

The students use realistic looking TWEETS and have to match the CAUSE TWEETS to the EFFECT TWEETS. 

 Twitter inspired cause & effect lesson.

Here are a few cause & effect posters that you may want to display in your classrooms. You could even make your own anchor chart and have students share their own examples of cause & effect words.

Cause & Effect words.

Check out the question stems below.  You will want to display these in your classroom or keep the question stems handy so that you are staying true to precise cause & effect questioning.... without reinventing the wheel.

 Question Stems to check for understanding.

Using graphic organizers will really help your students with being able to organize their thinking while they are reading and writing. You will see better results if you model how to use the GO! (graphic organizers) Charts for your students.  I like to use a variety of charts with students.

 Graphic Organizer 

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 TPT TWEETER Cause & Effect activities, lessons, strategies~

Do you have an inspiring strategy that you use to encourage cause & effect with your students?

jen :)