Thursday, February 13, 2014

Classroom Organization Tool - FREE

Do You Ever Feel Like There Aren't Enough Hours In The Day to Accomplish Everything You Need To Do?

  • Decide what's holding you back
  • Start with what's bugging you the most
  • Select a few powerful tools and GO FOR IT!

Although I don't have a full time classroom of my own every day, I do still work with students, teachers, and administrators every day. 

You know, you would think that since I don't have a class full of kiddos, that I my office would be spotless...or "neat-ish". 

Unfortunately, this week, "neat-ish" is even a stretch.  As I was looking around trying to decide where to start, I came to the conclusion that it is time to get serious about organization. I really mean it this time. 

In fact, I went home and put a few organizational documents together that I feel will be beneficial in helping me to get organized.  The documents I created are ones that I can easily share with the teachers at my campus to help them and their students as well.  

Organization tools for the classroom.
Since we all have different needs in our classrooms, the documents I created have different columns so that they would work for everyone.  

Keep reading, I have included a link to a FREE Weekday Planner - Monday thru Friday Organizer.

*5 Column To Do Teacher Checklist

Teacher Checklist that can be broken down into 5 days, 5 students, 5 days of guided reading, 5 days of homework, etc.

*4 Column To Do Teacher Checklist

The 4 Column Checklist would be great for organizing supplies, field trips, or even projects.

*3 Column To Do Teacher Checklist

Great Checklist for planning and documenting intervention instruction.

*2 Column To Do Teacher Checklist

Checklist for those little daily to-do's.

*1 Column To Do Teacher Checklist

This Checklist only has one column so that you can really hone in and plan.

*5 Day Planner - Monday thru Friday Organizer

This organizer is great for quickly getting your thoughts down for planning for a 5 day time period.  

What tools work for you in your classroom?  

I love to see some pictures or hear what what is making a difference for you?