Sunday, February 9, 2014

How to Post a Link in a Blogger Comment Box - Apple Tree Tech Tip

Looking for a way to post a LINK to your blog or other site when using a comment box?

  • Link to your personal blog
  • Link to website
  • Link to document or photograph

While being on this fabulous Blogging journey, I have learned so much about technology. Sometimes it has been very simple to figure things out on my own and other times it has been a bit of a struggle to find the resources that I need.

Whenever I comment on another author's blog, I like to include a link back to my blog, especially if the subject matter is related to one of my posts.

I think it took me about 2 weeks to realize that when I thought I was leaving a link to my Apple Tree Learning blog, I was really just typing the address...with no link...

I put this simple, little graphic together for you so that you can save it to your computer and use it as a reference when you need it. 

As the graphic above shows, it is a very simple process to post a link in a Blogger comment box.

 Link to a blogger comment box.

  • Code:  <a href="URL">TITLE</a>
  • Replace the URL with the URL of the site or document that you are linking
  • Replace the TITLE with the title of the site or document

You are more than welcome to use it as an informational piece on your blog as well.  If you do include it on your blog, please link the graphic back to my blog.  

If this helps you out or you have any more questions, please let me know.