Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tutorial: How to Use QR Codes in the Classroom

QR Codes in the Classroom?

QR codes in the classroom

  • Using QR Codes in the classroom is beneficial to you and your students.
  • Learn how to generate your own QR codes to use with your students.

What is a QR code?
QR stands for Quick Response. These codes are very similar to a typical barcode.  You can scan a QR code by using an app with your smartphone, ipad, or your computer.  
The information is linked from the code back to you.  The information can be in the form of a text, website, video, etc.  QR codes have a very large storage capacity and are very quick. 

QR codes to use with students

How can I get started with QR codes in my classroom?
To get started, you will need to download a QR code reader app to your smartphone, ipad, or computer. Each of these items must have a camera for the reader to work correctly.  

For example, if you have an iphone, start by visiting the Apple Store and download a free QR code reader. I prefer using the i-nigma or the scan app

FREE APP - i-nigma 
APP - Scan

What are some ways that I can use QR codes in the classroom?

  • Link to YouTube video clips
  • Link to a ShowMe video
  • Link to a read aloud
  • Link to a book review
  • Link to a website
  • Link to a spelling list
  • Link to a webquest
QR code generator

How can I make my very own QR code?
There are several free online generators where you can create your own QR codes.  One of the most simple sites to use is

1.  Go to

2.  Select your data type:

  • Website
  • YouTube video
  • iTunes link
  • Plain text
  • Email address
  • Email message
  • SMS message (text message)
  • etc.

3.  Type in the correct content.  For example:  website URL (http://www.....)

4.  Select foreground color.  Most people select black, but this website allows you to choose any color.  FUN!  Look for the QR code to my blog:  Apple Tree Learning. I am really into teal these days, so I made mine teal.  :O) 

5.  Press enter.

6.  Download the QR code.

7.  Save the QR code to your desktop.

8.  Have fun!  :) 

This is a QR code to my TPT Store:  Apple Tree Learning.

Here is a FREE QR CODE handout that you can use to refer back to when using QR codes and for generating your very own QR codes.  It is a link to my Teachers Pay Teachers store - 
Apple Tree Learning.

If you do NOT have a Teachers Pay Teachers account and you would like to, please click here to 

Or, if you will leave me a message, I will email you a copy.

How do you use QR codes in your classroom?  I can't wait to hear from you!

jen :)