Saturday, April 5, 2014

Why Practicing Syllables Actually Helps Your Students Read and Spell Better!

Who would have known?  Teaching syllables actually improves reading and spelling!

  • Syllable study improves phonics
    • Studying syllables helps students to be better spellers

    Teaching students how to recognize syllables in words will greatly benefit your students and their progress in reading!

    When children are able to correctly recognize syllables in words, reading and spelling make much more since to them!

    Syllable and word study is a MUST for struggling students / RTI and is also useful as a guided reading warmup.  

    You will want to begin by modeling this skill for your students.  Begin by showing them how to say one syllable at a time. Model, model, model.  Modeling is the key!  

    My favorite way to model for students how to recognize syllables is by clapping each time I hear a syllable while saying the word aloud.

    Sometimes for younger students or struggling students, you can also teach them how to break words apart into syllables by putting your hand under your chin.  Say the word aloud and count each time you feel your jaw drop drop.

    Play games with your students!  Students always learn better when they are having fun!  I do too, actually!  

    One of my favorite syllable games is: SYLLABLE SORTER!  Here is how you play:

    Syllable Cards

    Syllable Sorting Game

    • Create a large stack of words with varying numbers of syllables
    • Mix the stack of word cards with the words facing down or place them in a paper bag
    • Draw one word and read it aloud
    • Say the word again, clapping your hands each time you hear a syllable
    • How many syllables does your word have?
    • Place your word in either the 1, 2, or 3 syllable box (to sort the words into syllables)

    Phonics Fun game
    I have a PHONICS FUN!  Word Sort Kit on my Teachers Pay Teachers store, 
    As I always tell teachers, you do NOT have to buy mine.  

    Syllable Sorter

    You can easily make this on your own. But, if you are like most of my teacher friends, you probably don't have time.  In that case, check out my kit:

    If you do purchase my kit, it comes with two center games / activities, 136 syllable word cards, student handouts, a syllable challenge, and a FREE planner - Something to SMILE about... and more! 

    What fun phonics and syllable games do you use with your students? 

    I would love to hear from you! 

    jen :)